Transport S. Rouillard

Working in the family business for 30 years, Mr. Sylvain Rouillard decided to acquire the transportation division of drinking water from the Bessette & Boudreau portfolio, which offers a wide range of services in the field for both private and public clients. Recognizing the challenges to overcome, Mr. Rouillard began to specialize activities at the municipal level and creating a company that works with government entities to ensure public health issues of drinking water.




Transport S. Rouillard offers a range of services and products to meet your needs. Do not hesitate to call us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  • Delivery and transport of small or large water quantity.
  • Bulk transport of sand, gravel and snow.
  • Rental of gas and electric pumps.
  • Rental pipes for unloading.
  • Rental tanks.


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